Modern treaties smooth development for some Canadian aboriginals 1:24am EDT

PORT ALBERNI, British Columbia (Reuters) - In Sarita Bay, a remote cove on Canada's Vancouver Island, aboriginal-owned land used for decades by loggers is slowly being reimagined as a multibillion-dollar export terminal to ship liquefied natural gas to Asia.  Full Article

Canadian Parliament backs air strikes on Islamic State in Syria Monday, 30 Mar 2015 

TORONTO (Reuters) - Canadian legislators on Monday voted to back the government's plans to bomb Islamic State positions in Syria, a move that opposition parties say threatens to drag Canada into a long war.  Full Article  

Canada-based Iranian filmmaker 'in good shape' in Evin prison Monday, 30 Mar 2015 

OTTAWA (Reuters) - A Canada-based Iranian writer and television producer was put into Tehran's notorious Evin prison soon after his return to his home country, but is in good shape, the filmmaker's son said on Monday.  Full Article