Canada temporarily pulls diplomats out of Libya amid fighting 8:43am EDT

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada is temporarily pulling its diplomats out of conflict-torn Libya due to fears about their safety, Foreign Minister John Baird said on Tuesday.  Full Article

Canada to impose sanctions on range of Russian firms and banks Thursday, 24 Jul 2014 

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada said on Thursday it will impose sanctions on "a broad range" of Russian companies and banks to punish Moscow for what it said was the illegal occupation of Crimea and "provocative military activity" in eastern Ukraine.  Full Article  

In rare move, Canada accuses Chinese of trying to hack government network 11:35am EDT 

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada on Tuesday took the unusual step of singling out Chinese hackers for attacking a key computer network and lodged a protest with Beijing, raising tensions at a time when Ottawa wants to boost oil sales to China.  Full Article