Canada pushes back deadline for accepting 25,000 Syrian refugees 6:06pm EST

OTTAWA (Reuters) - The Canadian government on Tuesday pushed back to the end of February its deadline for accepting 25,000 Syrian refugees, in a concession that its original Jan. 1 target was too difficult to meet.  Full Article

Shell Canada fined C$825,000 for 2013 refinery odor leak 7:21pm EST 

CALGARY, Alberta (Reuters) - The Ontario government on Tuesday ordered Shell Canada, a wholly owned subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell, to pay C$825,000 ($620,487.36) in fines for discharging a contaminating odor from its Sarnia refinery in 2013.  Full Article  

British Columbia trims 2015-16 budget surplus forecast 2:32pm EST 

VANCOUVER (Reuters) - British Columbia on Tuesday again revised its budget surplus for fiscal 2015-16, to C$265 million ($199.26 million), trimming C$12 million from a forecast it made in September.  Full Article