Rubbing along with robots tackles Abe's double dilemma Saturday, 4 Jul 2015

TOKYO (Reuters) - Factory worker Satomi Iwata has new co-workers, a troupe of humanoid automata that are helping to address two of Japan's most pressing concerns - a shortage of labor and a need for growth.  Full Article

Minecraft celebrities draw record crowd to gaming Saturday, 4 Jul 2015 

LONDON (Reuters) - For hours, the dedicated queued on Saturday to carry off a prized autograph or to pose for a selfie with some of the biggest celebrities of a new generation.  Full Article  

Canadian judge rejects request for injunction against Uber Saturday, 4 Jul 2015 

TORONTO (Reuters) - An Ontario court on Friday rejected the city of Toronto's request for an injunction to halt Uber's operations in Canada's largest city.  Full Article