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Kerry cancels trip in honor of Ted Kennedy as Iran talks intensify 4:54am EDT

LAUSANNE, Switzerland (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry canceled plans to fly to Boston for a ceremony in honor of his late friend Edward Kennedy as talks on Iran's nuclear program intensified in Switzerland, with two days left to a deadline.  Full Article

French local election runoff tests far-right strength 6:32am EDT 

PARIS (Reuters) - Voting started in France on Sunday to elect thousands of local councillors in a test of the far-right National Front's growing hold on grassroots politics.  Full Article  

Germanwings crash co-pilot may have had detached retina: newspaper 7:39am EDT 

BERLIN (Reuters) - The co-pilot suspected of crashing a passenger jet in the Alps may have been suffering from a detached retina but investigators are unsure whether his vision problems had physical or psychological causes, a German newspaper said on Sunday.  Full Article