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Texas energy regulator to vote on production curtailments in May 5 meeting

April 28 (Reuters) - Texas energy regulators will next week vote on a proposal to reduce the state’s oil production.

The vote is following a motion submitted by Ryan Sitton, the Railroad commissioner who has already been vocal about the need for curtailments to address decades low oil prices.

Sitton's motion calls here for curtailments of 20% of the state's output and if agreed, curbs would remain in place until the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) determines that global demand has crossed 85 million barrels of oil per day.

At a previous meeting last Tuesday, RRC’s Commissioners had opted not to make a decision but said they will talk about output curbs again on May 5.

Sitton had already said at the last meeting that he was ready to vote in favor of production cuts. (Reporting by Shariq Khan in Bengaluru and Jennifer Hiller in Houston; Editing by Maju Samuel)