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Trump, asked if could delay China tariffs, says: "Anything is possible"

BIARRITZ, France, Aug 26 (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump said on Monday that trade negotiations with China were in a much better position than at any time and, asked if he could delay planned tariffs on Chinese goods, replied: “Anything is possible”.

Earlier on the sidelines of a G7 summit in France, Trump said he believed China wanted to make a trade deal after it contacted U.S. trade officials overnight to say it wanted to return to the negotiating table.

“Anything is possible. I can say we are having very meaningful talks, much more meaningful I would say than any time frankly. For the most part it is because we are doing very well,” he said.

“China is a great country ... They are losing millions and millions of jobs which are going to other countries. If I were them I would want to make a deal.”

“I think we are probably in a much better place now than at any time in the negotiation. I don’t think we could have gotten here without going through this process. I think we are in a stronger position to do a deal. A fair deal for everyone.” (Reporting by Jeff Mason Writing by John Chalmers Editing by Richard Lough)