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Report: MLB to raise minimum minor league salaries

Major League Baseball reportedly will increase the minimum salary for minor league players.

The Associated Press, citing a memo sent from the commissioner’s office to all 30 major league teams, reported the pay hike will affect players at all minor leagues levels, with increases ranging from 38 percent to 72 percent.

The report said Triple-A players’ minimum weekly pay will increase from $502 to $700. Double-A players will go from receiving $350 weekly to $600. Class-A players will be bumped up to $500 from $290. Players at rookie and short-season levels will receive an increase to $400 from $290 weekly.

The major league minimum salary this season reportedly is $563,500.

Minor league salaries have been a hot topic since 2018, when MLB successfully lobbied Congress to exempt minor league players from receiving salaries tied to the federal minimum wage. MLB maintained minor leaguers were seasonal workers and shouldn’t be protected by minimum-wage laws.

The reported boost in minimum salaries comes after recent news concerning minor league pay. Before last season, the Toronto Blue Jays increased the salaries of their minor leaguers by 50 percent at every level. Also, a group of minor leaguers has sued MLB claiming their pay was in violation of the law.

The news regarding salaries comes after recent reports saying MLB wants to drastically reduce the number of affiliated minor league teams.

--Field Level Media