Canadian police stop man clearing snowy street with Zamboni

VANCOUVER (Reuters) - Police stopped a “well-intentioned” man on Vancouver Island on Monday night after he tried to clear a snowed-in neighborhood street with a Zamboni, a vehicle for cleaning the ice and a fixture in arenas across hockey-mad Canada.

Central Saanich police spokesman Dan Cottingham said on Tuesday the man told them he had bought the machine second-hand to drive around and spread fertilizer on his farm just outside British Columbia’s provincial capital, Victoria.

“I think he had good intentions and just because of the height of the snow he thought he would go out and help,” Cottingham said.

The man was sent home with a warning for driving an unlicensed vehicle on a public road.

A Zamboni, named after its inventor, Frank Zamboni, looks like a modified tractor with a large reservoir at the front to store snow that its conveyor system picks up as the machine drives along.

Canada’s southwest coast, more accustomed to heavy rain, has had record levels of snow this winter, sparking complaints from residents over unplowed roads causing slippery driving conditions.

Reporting by Nicole Mordant in Vancouver; Editing by Alan Crosby