Premier of Canada's Saskatchewan province retires after 10 years

FILE PHOTO: Saskatchewan's Premier Brad Wall speaks during a news conference after the Quebec Summit On Climate Changes at the Hilton hotel in Quebec City, Canada, April 14, 2015. REUTERS/Mathieu Belanger/File Photo

CALGARY, Alberta (Reuters) - The premier of Saskatchewan resigned unexpectedly on Thursday, saying he was quitting politics after nearly 10 years as the leader of the resource-rich western Canadian province.

Brad Wall, who has been one of Canada’s most popular provincial leaders and was once considered a top contender for leadership of the Conservative party, did not give a reason for his departure in a video streamed on his Facebook page.

Wall’s right-leaning Saskatchewan Party holds a legislative majority, and his retirement is unlikely to affect the power balance in the province.

Reporting by Ethan Lou; Editing by Dan Grebler