Mist and mirrors create sunny 'halo' in London art installation

LONDON (Reuters) - London may not be known for great weather, but the artists known as Kimchi and Chips are hoping for sun for their latest installation - a suspended halo shape created with mirrors, mist and natural light.

In the fountain-lined courtyard of London’s Somerset House, “Kimchi and Chips: Halo” is made up of two four-meter (13-ft) high towers and a 15-metre-long track bearing 100 motorized mirrors tracking the sun’s movement, and water jets.

Seoul-based artists Mimi Son and Elliot Woods say the mirrors and mist will reflect the sun’s rays, creating a halo shape in the air.

“The work is supposed to collaborate with that anticipation of sunshine ... (It) brings together different natural elements to create this drawing that will hang inside the air,” Woods told Reuters in an interview.

“Using light from the sun and a set of robotic mirrors, we’re able to create beams of light in the air and we catch those in a mist of water ... and each one of those beams becomes a line in that mist and together they’ll form a single circle.”

The work is part of Kimchi and Chips’ “Drawing in the Air” project.

Reporting By Lisa Keddie; Writing by Marie-Louise Gumuchian; Editing by Robin Pomeroy