Hamas says will unite with Iran if Israel attacks

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal attend a rally to mark the anniversary of the of the founding of militant Palestinian Islamic Jihad group, held at the Palestine refugee camp near Damascus, November 6,2009. REUTERS/Khaled al Hariri

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal said on Tuesday that Islamist militant groups would back Iran if the country was attacked by Israel, state television reported.

“All Islamist militant groups will form a united front with Iran against Israel if it attacks Iran,” Meshaal told a news conference.

“We are all parts of the same body ... We all should fight against the mutual enemy. But how, the leaders will decide based on our capacities.”

Israel has said it was readying all options to try to force Iran to halt its atomic program, which the West fears is a cover to build nuclear bombs. Iran denies the charge.

Meshaal said Israel was a danger for the Middle East region.

“God willing a regional resistance has the capacity to confront this danger,” Meshaal said in the televised news conference.

Hamas won a Palestinian parliamentary election in 2006, defeating the once-dominant, more secular Fatah faction, and drove Fatah out of the Gaza Strip the following year.

Writing by Parisa Hafezi