FACTBOX: China's outbound M&A in 2009 and the past decade

(Reuters) - Following are some key facts about China’s outbound M&A activity over the past decade, and last year.

* Chinese acquisitions overseas over the last decade totaled $187 billion, accounting for 2.2 per cent of the value of all cross border M&A activity.

* In 2009, Chinese outbound M&A reached $42.6 billion, down 42 percent from the record $73 billion reached in 2008 and, despite the drop in value, accounted for a record 7.5 percent of global cross border M&A.

* 2009 marks the best year on record based on number of deals (298) and the second best year on record based on value.

* With $42.6 billion spent abroad in 2009, Chinese companies rank third among biggest foreign M&A investor nations after the United States and France -- a sharp rise from 12th position over the last decade.

* The majority of Chinese M&A investments overseas are within Asia Pacific region (53 percent for the decade, 52 percent in 2009). China was the top M&A investor in the region in 2009 (up from 3rd over the decade)

* In 2009, Switzerland, Australia and Hong Kong attracted the majority of all Chinese acquisitions overseas (53 percent)

* China was the leading foreign M&A investor in 2009 in Hong Kong and the second largest M&A investor in both Australia and Canada (up from 7th and 9th position over the decade).

* In 2009 China was the largest M&A investor abroad in Energy & Power and the second largest for Materials.

Source: Thomson Reuters data