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Iran seeks gear from U.S., France to download downed plane's black boxes

DUBAI, Jan 21 (Reuters) - Iran has made requests for equipment from U.S. and French authorities so it can download information from the black boxes on a downed Ukrainian passenger plane but Tehran has not received a positive response, the civil aviation body said.

In its second report on the disaster, in which all 176 people aboard were killed when the plane was accidentally shot down, Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization said it did not have the equipment needed to download data from the model of recorders installed on the doomed Boeing 737.

Tehran has said it would read the flight data and voice recorders inside Iran, after giving mixed signals about whether it would send the black boxes abroad, as requested by Canada, Ukraine and other nations with citizens aboard the flight.

Reporting by Babak Dehghanpisheh; Writing by Alexander Cornwell; Editing by Edmund Blair