From the archive: Reuters reports big changes as Bolsheviks triumph

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LONDON (Reuters) - “The day has brought certain changes” read a Reuters report from the then-Russian capital Petrograd, 100 years ago on Tuesday.

It was the day -- using the western calendar -- that Vladimir Lenin’s Bolsheviks overthrew the more moderate Kerensky provisional government, a decisive step in the revolution that eventually created the Soviet Union.

The Nov 7, 1917, Reuters telegram from what became Leningrad and is now St Petersburg was republished in the Sheffield Evening Telegraph a day later. It read:

“The day has brought certain changes in the general situation in the capital. The Maximalist (revolutionary) movement has made fresh and fairly appreciable progress but no disorders have taken place.

“Towards 5 o’clock in the afternoon the military Revolutionary Committee of the Soviet published a proclamation stating that Petrograd is in its hand, thanks to the assistance of the garrison, which enabled a coup d’etat to be brought without bloodshed.

“The proclamation declares the new government will propose an immediate and just peace, will hand the land to the peasants, and will summon the Constituent Assembly.”

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Compiled by Jeremy Gaunt and David Cutler; editing by John Stonestreet