Russian artist honors photography's roots with wooden cameras

KALININGRAD, Russia (Reuters) - A Russian artist is going back to the roots of photography, creating eye-catching wooden cameras based on the basic principles of the artform and attracting buyers from around the world.

Sergei Lebedev’s work, which includes both the cameras themselves and the unusual photographs he creates, is now on show at an exhibition in his native region of Kaliningrad. His unique cameras cost around $150 each.

The former factory worker uses driftwood, pebbles and shells to create his cameras, combing the shorelines of his home for parts of fallen trees, naturally polished by the sea’s waves.

From these, he crafts wooden boxes.

“This is the simplest principle of cameras and the way in which photography began,” he explained.

“Essentially, they were simple wooden boxes... Light penetrates through a small hole, made with a needle. This is all that is needed in order to get an image on the film”.

Reporting by Reuters Television