October 23, 2009 / 8:01 PM / 9 years ago

Canada corporate earnings schedule - Oct 26-Nov 13

   Oct 23 (Reuters) - The following is a list of earnings reporting dates for some major companies listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Previous earnings per share figures may vary due to restated earnings, or stock splits, or consolidations. EPS estimates, if available, courtesy of Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. DATE   EDT  C0MPANY NAME AND PERIOD   SYMBOL     EPS       No. of     YR AGO
                                              Estimates Estimates 26-Oct AMC  Ballard Power Q3          BLD.TO    NA       NA        -US$0.19 26-Oct AMC  Indigo Books & Music Q2   (IDG.TO)    NA       NA          C$0.13 26-Oct AMC  RioCan Q3                 (REI_u.TO)  C$0.12    3          C$0.19 26-Oct DBH  Toromont Industries Q3    (TIH.TO)    C$0.45    8          C$0.57 27-Oct DBH  Astral Media Q4           ACMa.TO   C$0.68    8          C$0.68 27-Oct BMO  Cdn Pacific Rail Q3       (CP.TO)     C$0.77   12          C$1.20 27-Oct BMO  Inmet Mining Q3           IMN.TO    C$1.34   10          C$1.55 27-Oct AMC  Methanex Q3               (MX.TO)     NA       NA         US$0.75 27-Oct AMC  Open Text Q1              OTC.TO   US$0.59    3         US$0.53 27-Oct BMO  QLT Inc Q3                QLT.TO    NA       NA         US$0.05 27-Oct BMO  Rogers Comms Q3           (RCIb.TO)   C$0.53   13          C$0.73 27-Oct BMO  TransAlta Q3              (TA.TO)     C$0.39    6          C$0.32 27-Oct BMO  Vitran Corp Q3            VTN.TO    NA       NA         US$0.15 28-Oct AMC  Agnico-Eagle Mines Q3     (AEM.TO)   US$0.21    6         US$0.10 28-Oct AMC  Cdn Oil Sands Q3          COS_u.TO  C$0.37    5          C$1.25 28-Oct BMO  Canam Group Q3            CAM.TO    C$0.15    5          C$0.31 28-Oct DBH  MacDonald Dettwiler Q3    MDA.TO    C$0.63    9          C$0.01 28-Oct BMO  Nexen Q3                  NXY.TO    C$0.25    8          C$1.68 28-Oct BMO  Sherritt Intl Q3          (S.TO)      C$0.13    5          C$0.33 28-Oct AMC  Sierra Wireless Q3        (SW.TO)   -US$0.11    4         US$0.23 28-Oct BMO  Suncor Energy Q3          (SU.TO)     C$0.31    9          C$0.87 28-Oct AMC  Teck Resources Q3         TCKb.TO   C$0.46   12          C$0.95 28-Oct DBH  TMX Group Q3              (X.TO)      C$0.61    7          C$0.66 28-Oct DBH  Wescast Industries Q3     WCSa.TO   NA       NA         -C$0.75 29-Oct BMO  Barrick Gold Q3           (ABX.TO)   US$0.48    6         US$0.29 29-Oct BMO  Brookfield Properties Q3  BPO.TO    NA        NA        US$0.38 29-Oct AMC  Canfor Q3                 (CFP.TO)   -C$0.26    6         -C$0.02 29-Oct BMO  Cott Q3                   (BCB.TO)    NA        NA       -US$1.25 29-Oct AMC  Fairfax Financial Q3      (FFH.TO)    NA        NA       US$25.27 29-Oct AMC  IGM Financial Q3          (IGM.TO)    C$0.63    6          C$0.75 29-Oct AMC  Imperial Oil Q3           (IMO.TO)    C$0.60    6          C$1.57 29-Oct BMO  Maple Leaf Foods Q3       (MFI.TO)    C$0.13    3         -C$0.10 29-Oct BMO  Thomson Reuters Q3        (TRI.TO)   US$0.40   12         US$0.48 29-Oct BMO  Torstar Q3                (TSb.TO)    C$0.13    6         -C$0.03 29-Oct AMC  Zarlink Semiconductor Q2  ZL.TO     NA       NA         US$0.05 30-Oct BMO  Centerra Gold Q3          (CG.TO)    US$0.09    9         US$0.08 30-Oct BMO  Cogeco Cable Q4           (CCA.TO)    C$0.59   10          C$0.42 30-Oct BMO  Cogeco Q4                 (CGO.TO)    C$0.63    6          C$0.58 30-Oct BMO  Eldorado Gold Q3          (ELD.TO)   US$0.08    8         US$0.05 30-Oct DBH  Lundin Mining Q3          (LUN.TO)   US$0.08    9        -US$0.51 30-Oct BMO  Tim Hortons Q3            THI.TO    C$0.46   10          C$0.43 2-Nov  BMO  Cameco Q3                 (CCO.TO)    C$0.34   11          C$0.41 2-Nov  AMC  Kinross Gold Q3           (K.TO)     US$0.13    5         US$0.10 2-Nov  AMC  West Fraser Timber Q3     (WFT.TO)   -C$1.10    7         -C$0.05 3-Nov  DBH  Catalyst Paper Q3         CTL.TO   -C$0.08    7         -C$0.03 3-Nov  BMO  FirstService Q2           (FSV.TO)   US$0.61    5         US$0.33 3-Nov  AMC  HudBay Minerals Q3        (HBM.TO)    C$0.13    9          C$0.02 3-Nov  DBH  Russel Metals Q3          (RUS.TO)    C$0.10    6          C$1.44 3-Nov  BMO  Talisman Energy Q3        TLM.TO    C$0.10    8          C$1.40 4-Nov  AMC  Aecon Group Q3            (ARE.TO)    C$0.34    5          C$0.45 4-Nov  BMO  Agrium Q3                 AGU.TO    NA       NA         US$2.31 4-Nov  BMO  Enbridge Q3               (ENB.TO)    C$0.39   10          C$0.41 4-Nov  AMC  Extendicare REIT Q3       EXE_u.TO  NA       NA          C$0.266 4-Nov  BMO  Goldcorp Q3               (G.TO)     US$0.17    6         US$0.42 4-Nov  BMO  Iamgold Q3                (IMG.TO)   US$0.09    6         US$0.06 4-Nov  BMO  TransCanada Q3            (TRP.TO)    C$0.48   10          C$0.67 4-Nov  BMO  WestJet Airlines Q3       (WJA.TO)    C$0.28   10          C$0.42 5-Nov  AMC  ARC Energy Q3             AET_u.TO  C$0.05    6          NA 5-Nov  BMO  Biovail Q3                BVF.TO    NA       NA         US$0.31 5-Nov  BMO  Canaccord Capital Q2      CCI.TO    NA       NA         -C$0.11 5-Nov  BMO  Cdn Natural Res Q3        (CNQ.TO)    C$1.26    8          C$5.25 5-Nov  BMO  Dorel Industries Q3       (DIIb.TO)  US$0.72    4         US$0.82 5-Nov  BMO  Fortis Q3                 (FTS.TO)    C$0.21    6          C$0.58 5-Nov  BMO  GMP Capital Q3            GMP_u.TO  C$0.15    3          C$0.11 5-Nov  DBH  Great-West Q3             (GWO.TO)    C$0.47    8          C$0.485 5-Nov  BMO  Imax Q3                   IMX.TO    NA       NA        -US$0.05 5-Nov  DBH  Industrial Alliance Q3    (IAG.TO)    C$0.65    7          C$0.63 5-Nov  BMO  Manitoba Telecom Q3       MBT.TO    C$0.66   10          C$0.74 5-Nov  BMO  Manulife Q3               (MFC.TO)    C$0.23   12          C$0.33 5-Nov  BMO  Penn West Q3              PWT_u.TO -C$0.14    5          C$1.73 5-Nov  BMO  Stantec Q3                (STN.TO)    C$0.54   10          C$0.66 5-Nov  BMO  Sun Life Q3               (SLF.TO)    C$0.18   11         -C$0.71 5-Nov  AMC  Thompson Creek Metals Q3  TCM.TO   US$0.13    9         US$0.74 5-Nov  AMC  Yamana Gold Q3            (YRI.TO)   US$0.13    9         US$0.21 5-Nov  DBH  Yellow Pages Q3           YLO_u.TO  C$0.27    4          C$0.28 6-Nov  BMO  Brookfield Asset Q3       (BAMa.TO)   NA       NA         US$0.27 6-Nov  BMO  Kingsway Financial Q3     (KFS.TO)    NA       NA        -US$0.32 6-Nov  DBH  SNC-Lavalin Q3            (SNC.TO)    C$0.57    6          C$0.60 6-Nov  BMO  Telus Q3                  (T.TO)      C$0.83   13          C$0.89 9-Nov  BMO  Angiotech Pharmas Q3      ANP.TO    NA       NA        -US$0.13 9-Nov  BMO  CGI Group Q4              (GIBa.TO)   C$0.24   11          C$0.24 9-Nov  BMO  Ensign Energy Q3          (ESI.TO)    C$0.16    8          C$0.47 9-Nov  AMC  Silver Wheaton Q3         SLW.TO   US$0.12    5         US$0.08 10-Nov BMO  ATS Automation Q2         (ATA.TO)    C$0.06    5          C$0.12 10-Nov DBH  CI Financial Q3           (CIX.TO)    C$0.23    8          C$0.45 10-Nov DBH  Cinram Intl Q3            CRW_u.TO  NA       NA        -US$0.12 10-Nov AMC  Jaguar Mining Q3          (JAG.TO)    NA       NA         US$0.02 11-Nov BMO  CAE Q2                    (CAE.TO)    C$0.15   12          C$0.19 11-Nov DBH  Finning Intl Q3           (FTT.TO)    C$0.24   10          C$0.37 11-Nov BMO  Intact Financial Q3       (IFC.TO)    C$0.13    5          C$0.88 11-Nov BMO  Metro Inc Q4              MRUa.TO   C$0.73    7          C$0.64 11-Nov BMO  Onex Q3                   OCX.TO    NA       NA          C$0.30 11-Nov DBH  Shoppers Drug Q3          SC.TO     C$0.80   11          C$0.75 11-Nov DBH  Uni-Select Q3             (UNS.TO)    C$0.65    5          C$0.63 12-Nov BMO  BCE Q3                    (BCE.TO)    C$0.70   15          C$0.31 12-Nov DBH  Canadian Tire Q3          (CTCa.TO)   C$1.08    8          C$1.33 12-Nov BMO  EnCana Q3                 (ECA.TO)    NA       NA         US$1.92 12-Nov BMO  FNX Mining Co Q3          FNX.TO   -C$0.01   10         -C$0.31 12-Nov AMC  Linamar Corp Q3           (LNR.TO)    C$0.04    5          C$0.17 12-Nov DBH  Power Corp Q3             (POW.TO)    C$0.58    3          C$0.70 12-Nov DBH  Power Financial Q3        (PWF.TO)    C$0.60    3          C$0.62 12-Nov BMO  Quadra Mining Q3          QUA.TO   US$0.11   15         US$0.31 12-Nov DBH  Uranium One Q3            UUU.TO  -US$0.01    8        -US$4.30 13-Nov BMO  Boardwalk REIT Q3         (BEI_u.TO)  NA       NA          C$0.68 13-Nov BMO  Cdn Hydro Devs Q3         KHD.TO    C$0.02    7         -C$0.03 13-Nov BMO  Cascades Inc Q3           (CAS.TO)    C$0.24    7         -C$0.07 13-Nov BMO  Enerplus Res Q3           ERF_u.TO  C$0.04    4          C$2.82 13-Nov BMO  Groupe Aeroplan Q3        AER.TO    C$0.27    8          C$0.18 13-Nov AMC  Jazz Air Q3               JAZ_u.TO  C$0.18    4          NA 13-Nov DBH  Vector Aerospace Q3       RNO.TO    NA       NA          C$0.17
 All times are listed in Eastern Standard Time.
   BMO - ‘Before Canadian Market Opens’ 0930
   AMC - ‘After Canadian Market Close’ 1600
   DBH - ‘During Canadian business hours’ or blank if not known.
 Figures in - indicate a loss per share.  (Reporting by Teresa Ruiz)   

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