English self-important and irritating: new guide

LONDON (Reuters) - England is an irritating and insular country full of overweight, binge-drinking, reality TV addicts, a new guide warned tourists on Friday.

But in the new Rough Guide to England, the English are also hailed as a nation of animal-loving, tea-drinking charity donors who love nothing better than forming an orderly queue.

Gone, it seems, is the genteel image of a country awash with Englishmen politely tipping their bowler hats, staggering through the London fog and being kinder to pets than children.

The writers confessed to bafflement over the quirky English, concluding that of the 200 countries the guide reviews there is none “so fascinating, beautiful and culturally diverse yet as insular, self-important and irritating as England.”

They said the English were proud of their multi-culturalism and were united by one thing -- their sense of humor.

But there are constant contradictions. In a country priding itself on patriotism, they have a Scottish Prime Minister, an Italian football coach and a Greek married to the Queen.

They are gently mocked as voracious consumers of celebrity chit-chat and “as a glance at the tabloid newspapers will confirm, England is a nation of overweight, binge-drinking reality TV addicts.”

Reporting by Paul Majendie, Editing by Ralph Boulton