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Eight die in helicopter crash in Romania

Emergency aid workers inspect the site where a military helicopter IAR-330 Puma built in Romania, crashed near Malancrav November 21, 2014. REUTERS/Ovidiu Dumitru Matiu/Inquam Photos

BUCHAREST (Reuters) - Eight people died when a military helicopter carrying 10 people crashed in the central Romanian county of Sibiu on Friday, the country’s emergency response agency said.

Romania’s defense ministry said the helicopter, an IAR-330 PUMA built in Romania, crashed at about 0840 GMT.

“There are eight people dead,” Bianca Sabau of the emergency response agency told Reuters. “Two victims who have suffered burns were evacuated,” she added.

The 10 were stationed at a military airbase in central Romania and were on their way to a military drill exercise.

The ministry said it would provide more details after the victims’ families have been notified.

The cause of the crash was unclear and Minister Mircea Dusa and air force officials were traveling to the site for an investigation.

Reporting by Luiza Ilie