Conservative leader in Canada's Alberta seeks to enter legislature 1:44pm EST

CALGARY, Alberta (Reuters) - The Conservative leader in Canada's oil-rich Alberta, Jason Kenney, ran in a special election on Thursday to obtain a seat in the legislature that could lay the groundwork for his efforts to challenge the ruling party in the 2019 provincial polls.  Full Article

Bank of Canada more confident less stimulus needed: Poloz 12:59pm EST 

TORONTO (Reuters) - The Bank of Canada is growing increasingly confident that the economy will need less stimulus over time, Governor Stephen Poloz said on Thursday, adding that the economy is in a sweet spot after making "tremendous" progress over the last year.  Full Article  

Four killed in helicopter crash in central Ontario 2:00pm EST 

(Reuters) - Four people were killed on Thursday in a helicopter crash in rural central Ontario, some 250 kilometers (155 miles) from Toronto, police said.  Full Article