Canadian man killed in Chilean tourist city Valparaiso Friday, 21 Jun 2019

SANTIAGO (Reuters) - A Canadian citizen was stabbed to death on Friday in the Chilean port of Valparaiso while he was strolling with his family in one of the city's hillside tourist areas, local media and police said.  Full Article

Canadian oil industry dismayed as contentious energy bills become law Friday, 21 Jun 2019 

CALGARY, Alberta (Reuters) - Two pieces of legislation opposed by Canada's oil and gas industry that fulfill Liberal government promises to protect the environment will become law on Friday.  Full Article  

Canada's Trudeau hands out gifts to remind Americans who won NBA title Thursday, 20 Jun 2019 

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday took a break from high-level Washington talks to gently remind his American hosts that, for the first time ever, a basketball team from Canada had won the NBA title.  Full Article